Business Interruption Analysis

Business Income Analysis.

Post-Disaster, your business might be facing another tsunami –this one’s of paperwork. Let our business income accounting specialists work for you to analyze, prepare, report, and follow-up on a claim, getting you back on your feet and on top. Call us to find out how we can help.

Post-loss, businesses that have business interruption insurance coverage may not have either the time or the expertise to analyze, prepare, report, and follow-up on a claim.  Sigma represents the claimant, not the carrier, and will work, file, and follow to closure a claim on your behalf so that you are on the path to recovery more quickly.

Sigma’s forensic accountants typically work on the following business interruption-related projects to calculate:

  • Initial business interruption loss reserves
  • Actual loss sustained
  • Loss from operations (production and sales)
  • Expenses to reduce the loss (mitigation and expediting expenses)
  • Extra expenses
  • Compliance of reported values and co-insurance obligations
  • Market loss analysis and competitor share gain

Our highly qualified team of forensic accountants serve as your trusted advisor.  We provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis report that will outline the business interruption loss in terms consistent with insurance policy language with all supporting documentation.

When your business depends on keeping the momentum going, you can’t afford to be stopped.  Let Sigma help you back onto the road of financial recovery faster.