IT Systems Audit and Recovery Plan

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IT Systems are a crucial part of the daily operations and success of almost any business today.  In a busy, highly competitive business environment, we rely on technology for transmission of information as real time and immediately as possible.

Staying connected to clients, colleagues, friends and family, tracking competitors and strategic opportunities—for these we rely upon smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and laptops to access information from practically anywhere at any time.  As more and more employees work remotely rather than in the traditional office space, powerful and protected IT Systems are undoubtedly a necessity not a luxury for doing business even BETTER.

Undoubtedly, the IT Department can no longer be merely a silo on the corporate flowchart.  More and more, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) manages a complex IT architecture and network through which service is delivered across all business units and to clients.

Audit Services

  • Proactive Technology Management
  • Network Administration
  • Technology Consulting
  • vCIO

Let Sigma work with and for you to audit your current system and provide plans TODAY that will help you to recover from business interruption and to restore business continuity AFTER a disaster.  Contact us today to get started with your Technology Risk Assessment and Strategic Technology Plan.