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Clients Served

Did you know that Sigma serves a broad range of both private and public sector businesses including: Energy / Oil & Gas, Environmental, Transportation, Government, Not-for-profit and Public Healthcare Systems, Public School System, Real Estate Management, Financial Institutions, Insurance Funds.

Actuarial Reports

Don’t have an in-house actuary for reporting IBNR calculation for retained liabilities, a retention analysis, or calculating rates? Sigma does. Call us to find out how we can help.

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Why do I need an actuarial study?

An actuarial study has many uses. To name a few—state or regulatory requirements may require you to complete an actuarial analysis, whether for the calculation of contingent liabilities related to a self-insured retention program, post-employment employee benefit program, or other balance sheet reporting items.

What can a consulting actuary provide? Actuaries estimate funding levels for insurance and retirement programs. An analysis of past and future liabilities is necessary to ensure proper financial reporting and program funding. There are several standards that establish specific criteria, which an analysis from Sigma will satisfy.

Sigma provides actuarial services to governmental entities, associations, self-insureds, trusts and commercial insureds (in a wide variety of healthcare, retail, entertainment, public entity, service and manufacturing industries) throughout the country. We have extensive experience with a broad range of insurance coverages, with specialization in workers’ compensation, automobile, general, products and professional liabilities, as well as employee benefits.

Sigma’s Casualty and Benefits Actuarial Consulting Services include the following types of analyses and Reports:


  • Actuarial Reserve Analysis
  • Loss Projections and Loss Probability Studies
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Analysis of Effectiveness of Loss Control Program
  • Input to Risk Management Analyses
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Loss Portfolio Analysis

Additional Health and Welfare Plan Studies

  • Incurred but not reported claims (IBNR Analysis)
  • COBRA rates
  • Employer/employee rates and cost sharing
  • Plan design changes

Compliance Reports

  • GASB 45
  • GASB 10
  • FASB 5
  • FASB 106

Sigma is dedicated to offering professional services to its clients and prides itself in the method used to communicate the results of the analysis. We are known for providing an easy to read and understand analysis full of colorful graphics and free of actuarial jargon. The findings are presented in such a way that individuals not necessarily familiar with actuarial principles and procedures can follow and reasonably understand how the calculations are made and the implications of the results. The analyses of loss data are objective and reference the most recently available insurance industry statistics when necessary and appropriate.