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Independent Professional Consulting

Because we don’t sell products, you can rest easy that our advice is centered on YOU and helping you through your next big business decision to success. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

When it seems that the wave of new regulations and compliance requirements won’t quit.

Neither will WE—our consultants are committed to staying on top of the latest industry changes and regulations, helping YOU keep your business moving forward. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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Clients Served

Did you know that Sigma serves a broad range of both private and public sector businesses including: Energy / Oil & Gas, Environmental, Transportation, Government, Not-for-profit and Public Healthcare Systems, Public School System, Real Estate Management, Financial Institutions, Insurance Funds.

Go for it!

Risk isn’t always about the downside—where would we be if Edison had stopped after his 351st failed invention of the light bulb?

What Value does Sigma Deliver to its Clients?

Sigma works alongside, or as an extension of, your team, providing independent resources and advice for the management of your business’ risk and exposures.

Management Consulting

Sigma provides independent, innovative and useful professional management consulting services which add value to its clients’ decision-making processes without the pressure of product sales.

Some team members have experience with a broad base of clients and/or practice areas; others have more specialized skills or experience with unique clients and/or practice areas.  Sigma is committed to ongoing growth of its key asset, its team of professionals, through ongoing education and professional development.

Management of Risk

Strategic Risk Management vs. Risk Reduction


What is risk?  For many, risk is negative and risk management is only about minimizing the negative side of risk.  However, if you ask any Finance 101 business student what is among the top fundamental principles taught—the response would be related to risk and return: The greater the risk, the greater the possible return.  Translation–“exploiting uncertainty; maximizing opportunity.”  Many modern business success stories are about an entrepreneur/organization taking the risk to present the “first” product/service of its kind, or taking a strategically calibrated “chance” to place itself in a market previously unexplored with the right product at the right time.


Sigma’s Main office is located in the Greater New Orleans Area with additional offices in Texas, Florida, and Maryland.